Appointment resources

These are downloads or links that you may need during or after an appointment.

Intake Form and Waiver

Customer Intake Form

Please fill this out, save it, and email it to us at the beginning of the appointment.

After Your Appointment: Next Steps

  1. Answer-Contract
  2. New Complaint
  3. Motion for Relief from Default
  4. Any other motion
  5. Name Change
  6. Guardianship

Other Resources

Pamphlets – Debt Collection Lawsuits

  • Should I Answer? / ¿Debo Responder?
  • Am I Judgment Proof? / ¿Estaré yo a Prueba de Ejecución de Sentencia?

Pamphlets – Other Self-Help Topics

  • Libel and Slander / ¿Defamación Oral y Escrita
  • Medical Malpractice / Negligencia Médica
  • Legal Malpractice / Negligencia Legal
  • Should I Represent Myself? / ¿Me Represento yo Mismo en la Corte?
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices / Prácticas Justas de Cobranza
  • Credit Reports / Reportes de Crédito
  • Claims Against the Government / Reclamos Contra el Gobierno